Sunday, June 2, 2013

We're All Just Grown Up Kids

One of my favorite "Heather-isms" is that "We are all just grown up kids".

When, as adults, we are struggling with something, if we tune into what a kid would need in that situation, we often find the answer.

Recently, in my quest to "dare greatly", I have been tackling new things.

As with anyone, they have brought up some old school insecurities that make me want to run away, hide, and challenge myself another day. 

This weekend, in an effort to burn off some of that stress and worry, I challenged myself with two new workouts. Yesterday was kickboxing at a real MMA gym that involved real boxing gloves and bag.  Today was a free Ultimate Bootcamp class outside.  If you're in the area, you know that means sit ups and push-ups in 90 degree weather!

If you told me last year that I would be doing those things, I'd have laughed and told you that you had mistaken me for someone else, someone more bad ass!  However, this weekend, that bad ass was me!  I overcame two new challenges that I never thought I would before. It reminded me of an important lesson that I try to teach kids:

Sometimes, if you find something that causes butterflies in your stomach, you can remind yourself of something brave you did and use that memory to tell the butterflies to go away.

As I continue to dare greatly and tackle those insecurities, I can remind myself of what I accomplished this weekend and use that to power through doubts and fears.

Parents, you are always tackling new things either as a parent or simply as a grown-up.  These moments can sometimes leave you with doubt and insecurity.  You might tell yourself that someone else would be doing a better job.

In those moments of doubt, remind yourself of the greatest challenge you overcame. 

Use that memory to fuel yourself through your current insecurity.  

I promise you.  You've got this.

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