Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thank you for following

For the followers of my blog,

Thank you for the conversation, support, and enthusiasm you have shown my blog. I started Fresh Start Parenting a year ago with the hope of developing a parent coaching business in Wakefield, MA. As with other times in my life, I thought it was my new dream and my next step.

It seems, though, that the Universe is choosing to send me in a new direction. While my business venture never really took off, my writing venture did, most unexpectedly.

Having been someone who was dragged into blogging kicking and screaming, I found that once I started writing, I couldn't shut up and found a new passion--writing and editing for The Good Men Project. My first article about supporting dads led to an interest in supporting men more directly. Dads still aren't getting the good press they deserve and mental health discussions online are still largely geared toward women.  I am committed to being a part of a movement that is changing that.

Ironically, my writing has also brought me home again to the idea that I am a clinician at heart. Connecting with people on a deeper level is what I am meant to be doing, be it through writing helpful articles or sitting with people in their pain.

Now that I am finding this acceptance, it's time to close the page...literally, on Fresh Start Parenting.

There are so many blogs out there to read. Thank you for choosing mine in this past year. You were a part of my journey.

With gratitude and appreciation,
Heather Gray

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