Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quick Tip for Raising a Confident Child

Did you know you are holding an easy parenting tip right in the palm of your hand?

Want to raise a confident child?

Start today.

Take the time to teach your child how to deliver a confident handshake.

Sometimes, it really is that simple.    
A firm handshake.   
Eye Contact.
A smile.
Teaching a child to initiate an interaction with an act of confidence builds confidence.
Think about the last limp handshake you received and the impression it left you with and what you thought about that person. Teaching your child  how to make a good first impression increases their likelihood for success in any number of situations.

Any time a child has an opportunity to shake a hand, reinforce the skill.
It communicates self-confidence.
It welcomes a favorable response.
It's literally a life skill that will last a lifetime.
If this quick tip has you considering a stronger grip the next time you shake a hand, even better.
Raising confident kids starts with being a confident parent.

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